What does confidence mean for you?

As a business owner there is nowhere to hide when things get tough. There is no boss to look up to, and often no subordinate to blame! It is you and you alone who needs to take responsibility for whatever is going on. So how do you find the confidence to step up and out when it matters most? How do you continue to find the gumption to communicate your message and your value?

What does confidence mean to you?

Is it being so comfortable in your own skin that nothing and noone else matters?

Is it the feeling that you can be relied upon?

Or is it the slightly irritating attitude of bravura, of highly opinionated people?

My new program – 8 Weeks to Content Confidence – is finally ready to launch, and I’m SUPER EXCITED about what it offers participants. There’s HEAPS of goodies inside, lots of stories (of course) to illustrate my points, and plenty of chances to ask for personalised feedback. But in getting it all ready I did start to question what the word ‘confidence’ means to you.

You see for me, it’s all about the abliity to believe in yourself and your abilities in a realistic, non-arrogant, way. Confidence isn’t about throwing your weight around or talking over people or always being the first to jump in with an idea. In fact, confidence isn’t really an attitude at all. You know that old expression about something being all in your head? Well, when it comes to confidence I reckon the opposite is true.

Confidence is about the actions you take not the poses you strike. 

Having confidence is taking action. Most of us want to do or experience certain things but often fear they are just beyond our reach. We get nervous and worry about failing. Those nerves are perfectly normal – everyone has them. However, the difference between a confident person and an unconfident person is simply that the confident person acts on their ambitions and desires and doesn’t let that fear of failure stop them.

The notion of confidence as action has a wonderful cyclic nature to it. The more we act, the more our confidence grows. We try something, we don’t fall in a heap, and then next time round we feel a little bit easier about trying it again. Even if we don’t achieve the dizzying heights we secretly yearn for in that attempt, we have learned something valuable; namely that the risk of trying didn’t kill us. And that, my friend, is super confidence-building knowledge.

Confidence is life’s enabler – it is the quality that turns thoughts into action.

So with that, I encourage you to find the confidence to take action and join my new program if you are struggling to create consistent content that makes a difference to your people and your bottom line. It’s an 8 week course that will give you the skills and strategies you need for better business communications. And once you have the know-how, and make a habit of taking small active steps forward, your confidence (and business) will grow.

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