Client feedback rewards

Awww. I so appreciate positive feedback!
I don’t crave it (like I perhaps once did as a child!) but as a coach, where your results can sometimes feel a little intangible, it’s so fabulous to get direct feedback that you’ve hit the mark and made a tangible, positive impact.  In fact, client feedback is necessary. It’s really the only measure for a coach. It helps you improve, learn and respond accordingly. It helps you know what’s working and what’s not – for you and your client. If I’m honest though, I don’t solicit feedback nearly as much as I ought to anymore. I will do a formal feedback session if I’m running a specific training event or a retreat, but I kind of forget to ask my regular coaching or copywriting/editing clients what they thought of the job I did!
So it’s a bonus when the feedback comes unsolicited and unprompted.

These comments (pics below) came from my client who has her own fabulous coaching business helping Chinese professionals find new and better jobs in Australia. As highly skilled immigrants, who come from a vastly different work culture, Diana helps them to understand how they can better promote themselves and their skills to advance their careers and get paid what they’re worth. They work through her program and then reach the point where they’re ready to apply for new jobs.  Happily for her, business is booming! So she needed some extra hands on deck to help her clients progress more rapidly, and some fresh eyes on particular areas of need which aren’t her strengths. She got me on board to assist with confidence and communications coaching, resume and cover letter writing and to do mock interviews with individuals and Q&A practises with groups.

And it’s been SUPER rewarding.

I’ve really enjoyed dusting off my old recruitment consultant know-how, combining that with my comms (both verbal and written) experience and adding my coaching flair. It’s been a rare opportunity to bring previous and current professional lives together to offer something unique to this very niche group. It’s also been a nice diversion from my typical #businesscoaching and #contentmarketing work!

It’s one thing to be praised by my peer, but the joy I sense when I hear how well an interview has gone, directly from the client, gives me goosebumps. I genuinely feel like I’ve made this person’s day, if not year!
Very rewarding and humbling indeed. I feel grateful to be involved.
What’s wonderful about this whole opportunity is that Diana approached me as a result of sitting in one of my workshops a few years back – a workshop I had been invited to run for his people by a book coaching client of mine. I knew no-one in the room, except our mutual business associate, and really didn’t think I’d made much of an impact that day. How good is it when your work and effort comes to fruition in such meaningful ways…even if you have to wait a little while to realise it?
I keep reminding myself….”Keep turning up. Keep showing up. Keep doing the right thing. Keep sharing your value.”

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