Work with Me

Having a content coach is no luxury in today’s information-driven economy. It’s an essential part of the development of your skills and the growth of your business. Why? Because business growth comes from connection and connection comes from stories – told expertly and with sincerity.  And that’s what I help you do.

A large part of that sincerity comes with trust – trust in the process and trust in the relationship.  I only work with people who really want to work with me and who I know will trust the process.  Long ago I gave up working on projects just because I felt I had to. And quite a while back I stopped working on jobs that didn’t interest me, simply to make money. And, it’s been a fair chunk of time since I worked with someone who I didn’t genuinely like and could consider a friend.  Why? Because I choose a life that happens to include work as a big juicy joyful part of it – I don’t  live to work.

My business is definitely not a hobby though. I admit there are times it can consume me, because I’m a pretty determined and success-driven woman, but it’s usually in the most delicious, awesome way. I see my business as an avenue to extend my learning, expand my thinking, challenge me, and satisfy my creativity whilst bringing abundance so I can do the other things in life I really enjoy.  The best part is I get to do all that while nurturing others to extend, learn, grow.  It’s fab!Jo Johnson The Content Coach

So if you think you’re a similar kind of person…if you think you have heart and soul but also grit and determination to make your ideas sing….if you really want to succeed and are committed to making changes in your thinking and your business but you don’t want to be all deadly serious about it (life is waaaaay too short for that!) then call me. I reckon we can work something out.

Every business has a story to tell, even if you can’t articulate it. That’s my ‘thing’ you see – to help you uncover the story, the events that lead you and your business to where it is today, and to fashion those thoughts into great communication pieces that attract your ideal client to you.  I’ll help you tell the world about the great things you have to offer in a transparent, truthful way, building trust with your target audience along the way. Storytelling is what I love to do…and you will love it to, once you know how.

If you want to get a quick sense of whether I’m right for you, or discover which program is right for you, then I’m happy to have a free virtual coffee chat first.