Editing and Writing

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Creating content is often one of the biggest pain points for small business owners; there is always something better to do than write. But write you must if you want to reach new people and turn them into raving fans and paying clients. And a huge part of that process is to write well  – which means editing well.

I’m happy to say I can make the writing process easier for you.

Professional writing and editing services range from a simple proofread to completely reworking complex ideas into plain English. Good editing requires training, experience and flair, and in this arena you definitely get what you pay for.

Regardless of which level of service you require, rest assured you’ll always get my 100% personalised attention on your project.  I don’t used any form of automated program – I find these have little depth or intelligence and are simply unable to do what a human does.  I’m a real live person (who would have thunk it?!) who edits and writes the old fashioned way – improving your writing line by line.

Every project involves a bit of project management, and some of the estimates below factor that in partially (but not necessarily completely). Have a look at my RATES page for an estimate for each service in your sector.

Manuscript evaluation

This gives you a broad brush view of your work and can be a great place to start before embarking on more detailed work. I read and comment on how your work hangs together overall, the stylistic challenges (or otherwise), and may offer some grammatical tips.  You won’t receive any proofing or editing at this stage, however, so it’s not somewhere to spend your entire budget. It’s a great place to start to ensure you’re on track and aren’t wasting any writing time.

  • Roughly 10 minutes per 1000 words.
  • So, if your project is 50,000 words, expect a quote of at least 8-10 hours.


This is the nuts and bolts stuff.  This is where I get our my virtual red pen!  I check spelling, grammar, punctuation, lists, tables, formatting (double spaces etc) and heading hierarchy. Some comments will be also be offered about the actual content and overall writing flow.

  • Roughly 30 minutes per 1000 words.
  • So, if your project is 10,000 words, expect a quote of at least 5 hours.

Simple editing

This includes all the proofreading tasks as above, plus a look at verbs and phrasing, clarity and continuity of expression, and overall document structure. More in-depth comments and feedback about the overall content.

  • Roughly 40 minutes per 1000 words.
  • So, if your project is 10,000 words, expect a quote of at least 7 hours.

Developmental editing

This is a much more substantial editing job.  Traditionally a developmental editor will guide an author right from conception of the topic, through to planning the overall structure, developing a full outline and coaching the writer chapter by chapter.  This full developmental editing service is what I cover off in my book coaching package however (plus much much more, including how to create a rocking launch party!).  More commonly though, my developmental editing services are useful for when a publisher (or individual writer) decides that the draft requires substantial revision and restructuring.  All proofing and simple editing services are included in this process, PLUS guidance on where and how to rewrite sentences or even full passages.  I will often rewrite certain sections that you can either accept or reject.

  • Roughly 90-120 minutes per 1000 words.
  • So, for 10,000 words, expect a quote of at least 15-20  hours.


I can write new and engaging content from scratch if you have no inclination, time or energy to do so yourself!

For example, I can write website content, advertising material, newsletters, blogs, banners, etc.

Please contact me for a customised writing quote. 

(Sometimes the shortest copywriting pieces are the hardest to write, so copywriting quotes are not based on word count.