It’s my business birthday

5 years ago TODAY my business changed direction. The Content Coach was born! It’s my business birthday (of sorts!)

My biz had been running as a copywriting and content strategy business for almost 5 years already, under the name of How You Say It. But I had a sore neck…a sore back… and I was done. Done sitting at a desk into the wee hours of the night writing for other people. Exhausted trying to sound like other people all the time.  I wanted – needed – to do something different.

I also wanted to leverage my experience more widely, globally. I wanted to use my time better – stop trading each individual hour for $$.  I wanted to teach the man to fish (metaphorically!) – I was done fishing for him.

It was a crisis point for me.

Either I change direction, give it all away, or God forbid, I go get a job. In fact I was offered a darn good one at the time that truly tempted me. The kids were out of toddlerhood and at the next stage, I could have made it work. Perhaps my business had served its purpose? But then I met Nicola. A dynamo of a business coach.  She was selling what I wanted. She was living how I wanted.  So I bought in.  Terrified, all I had was hope.  But it wasn’t long before hope turned into inspiration and determination and action.  My brain was firing on all four cylinders again.

In 15 minutes on a piece of butcher’s paper on an intensive weekend retreat in Adelaide, The Content Coach came to life. It really was that fast. With the right mentorship and objectivity it was clear I could take what I already did well and build on it to create a new style of business.  It was super apparent that there was more I needed to do. More I was born to do.

So I shifted. Pivoted. Changed direction.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen pretty fast.  I got the branding sorted out and started speaking differently with my existing clients.  My social media messaging changed and my networking took flight.  It was a definite shift in approach but not a rapid departure from what I already knew and loved.  It was more of a value positioning than a transactional exchange – and it felt SO GOOD!

It wasn’t long before I began seeing results with amazing business owners who wanted to know how to write content for themselves, confidently, consistently and effectively.  Such a buzz!

Then, as now, I get the greatest joy from teaching others how to write efficiently, how to build confidence in their own writer’s voice, and ultimately how to be seen and heard as an authority in their space.  My coaching and mentoring skills have soared and I get intense satisfaction from seeing others take ownership of their words and soar too.

Happy Business Birthday to The Content Coach!!


My business birthday gift to YOU is a $77 POWER HALF HOUR

30 mins to fix any content or marketing problem you have.  Fast, intense success.

Plus you get a digital copy of either my Stories Sell or Content Prompt Book for FREE!

(offer valid until June 5th) 

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