Editing and Writing Rates

Writing is subjective, and line-by-line editing is labour intensive. There are some people who think they’re great writers and really aren’t….and there are those that think their work is terrible but actually is in really good shape!red pencil

Every job is different.

Therefore the best solution for pricing this type of work is to charge by the hour.  Based on the type of service you need, plus your budget, I’ll use my very best project estimation skills to give you a number. We both want clear expectations and no hidden agendas.

Editing Rates (all rates are subject to 10% gst)

My editing rates are reflective of my level of experience and expertise, and are in line with those of a senior editor from a magazine or newspaper or ad agency. By no means do I want to compete with off-shore editing services, nor fresh-graduates just starting out. I’ve been doing this gig a long time and my editing rates are fair and reasonable.

Standard: $195 per hour

  • Applies broadly to corporate and business editing.

Ongoing Projects: $175 per hour

  • Economies of scale might apply for project or ongoing work such as regular newsletters or blogs

Not-for-profit sector: $120 per hour

  • Applies broadly to academic editing and proofreading.

Writing Rates

Standard: $195 per hour

  • For individual business writing projects such as advertising material, articles, website content

Ongoing Projects: $175 per hour

  • For regular content creation such as blogs, website or program updates, newsletters etc.

Not-for-profit sector:$160 per hour

How do I quote?

  • Quoting considers type of service x number of words. Simple really. But it also considers how much project management time (that is, non-editing time) might be required, of which there is often plenty! This may include things such as liaising with printers, publishers, designers, setting up style sheets etc.
  • If your budget is limited or fixed, I can adjust the depth of service to suit. However, there’s no escaping the word count: more words = more time.
  • I can provide a fixed quote if you are working to a specific budget. If I get the work done inside the time, I still only charge for the time worked.
  • Sometimes shit happens! A project can turn out to be substantially different than initially intended. If this occurs, I’ll flag it early on and together we’ll revise our expectations.
  • There’s also a complexity factor that goes into providing a quote.  If your project includes plenty of tables, dozens of references, a million quotes, or loads of content in different languages, this will take more time due to the necessity to fact-check, cross-reference etc. So you will be charged more.
  • If you want the work done yesterday, you will also be charged more. If your deadline is unreasonable I’ll let you know.
  • Because I can only assess so much of your project up front, it is challenging to get the perfect quote first up. Once I’ve done a few hours work, I’ll have a more accurate picture of how long it will take. Writing is so variable, and sometimes a piece may start well and then the wheels may fall off at word 5000!  Other factors that impact the time taken are the use of industry jargon, your writing style, how well the piece is structured etc. So I usually quote a fast and a slow outcome with the final result invariably somewhere in the middle.
  • I only bill the hours I work. Billed hours include non-editing time like project scoping and management.

For a quick quote, please send me some files and I’ll assess them.

you get what you pay for