Merry Christmas From Manila

It’s been way too long between messages from me… I’ve missed you, despite a huge desire to share all the weird and wacky things that have happened this year.
Life, hey? It gets in the way of the best intentions.
I’m not interested in bemoaning 2021 and wishing it was over, like so many of the emails I’ve received this week from coaches and other biz owners. Instead I’d love to celebrate the crazy year that was and encourage youto find a ‘moment of glory’ that you can raise a glass to this holiday season.  There is always something to celebrate, always something you did better than last year, always some growth amongst the messy.

For me?

Moving countries mid-pandemic was pretty epic! And whilst I wouldn’t put it on your bucket-list, I don’t regret it one bit.  I’ve learnt heaps and grown significantly as a woman, a wife, a parent and a daughter as a result.  It’s been tough for sure – I’ve experienced adrenal meltdown and mayhem – and directed some pretty ‘fresh’ words at those I love most in pure frustration.  But I’m feeling super alive and more well than I’ve ever been now, and 5 months has flown by with a whole swag of cool new experiences under my belt.

As for The Content Coach biz?

I’ve happily been serving clients from my new office here in Manila without skipping a beat.  A long time ago I vowed I’d do anything to remove the boardroom from my life and find a way to work from anywhere on my own terms. Serving people from around the world via technology has been a part of my career for over 20 years now. So whilst the pandemic changed my in-person events and retreats it didn’t change the fundamentals of what I do – helping people write and tell better stories about their business.

The second half of 2022 will be filled with events – I’m positive about that! Stay tuned for more news about the Ultimate Girls Week Away Business Edition in Vietnam (*eek* – like the FB page and/or send me an email to find out more come Jan 1st), plus a host of other fun things I’m rolling out, including my online course The Humble Brag (learning to write more effectively about yourself – reply to this email if you want to jump on the waitlist). Meanwhile, I’m still helping people write their first book to raise their profile, plus doing copywriting/editing/blogging. Lots of entrepreneurs have pivoted businesses and profiles this year so need a hand changing marketing collateral – let me know if I can help you .

That’s it from me in 2021. I’m taking a shorter than usual break as we’re only on ‘winter holidays’ here (still 30 degrees on average!) so I’ll be ready to roll early Jan. Enjoy the festivities that Christmas and the new year ushers in. Gather with loved ones where you can, listen and share stories and fill your head with inspiration.