Now is the hour of our discontent…

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or simply the ridiculously weird twilight-zone bubble we’ve been in here in Melbourne, but I swear the days are flying by faster than ever before.

Since being ‘allowed out’ (from lockdown, not the asylum), I’ve felt confused, rushed and discontent.

It’s an odd reaction to being given back your freedom, right? I’m looking at myself curiously, wondering what’s going on…have I been institutionalised??? Or did I just find a lazy new norm??  Have I become a recluse? Have I finally morphed into the crazy cat lady my husband always thought I was destined to be???? Whilst I’ve loved seeing my family and friends again I have to admit I’ve not enjoyed the return to the kids’ activity runaround, nor the (perceived) pressure to suddenly be everywhere and do everything. I’ve not rushed out to go shopping or gone visiting all over the place. I simply don’t want to! (she says, stomping her foot like a 3 year old).

Hmm. Interesting…

This feeling has definitely affected how I show up on social media.

Earlier this year I’d made a conscious choice to pull back from the constant visibility of years gone by anyway, but I’ve noticed I’ve really checked out in the last few weeks. It’s possible I’m just fatigued by all the hoo-ha online; but also possible that as I’m in creation mode (new program, new book, which always equal a reinvention) I’m comfortable not ‘working hard’ every day to be seen to deliver value and I’m also a little unsure about what to say just now….so I’d prefer to say nothing. Which seems to go against EVERYTHING I teach and advocate for my clients!

But here’s the thing. I’ve done this multiple times before and I know myself. In fact, I do this pretty much every year at this time! I know how this will play out for me. And I’m cool with it. I have a plan and I know when and how to show up again with the right energy behind it.

My question to you is, do you?
Are you still posting regardless of how you feel or what you’re doing in your business right now? How is that working for you – are people responding differently, or at all? Conversely, are you lost about what to say to your community, what to offer, how to connect with new people? Do you have a plan that you’ve discarded or are you feeling completely wobbly and unguided? What about next year?

Let me know where you’re at. No stigma. No judgement. Just curiosity. And acceptance of what is.  I’m here to help, but can only do that if you reach out.

Wherever you are I hope you’re finding your new rhythm in this wild old ride of a year.

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