Your Bounty Box

No, it’s not a box of coconut covered chocolates….

So what is a Bounty Box, then?

A Bounty Box is an actual box where I keep the kind things said about me from clients, colleagues, partners and peers.  In it there are emails, greeting cards, small gifts, images of social comments and handwritten notes sent to me in appreciation for something I’ve done for them. I’ve been keeping this Bounty Box for about 7 years now, after I realised the importance of hoarding these goodies (and after my drawer started overflowing!)

Why do I have such a seemingly boastful box? Because it’s SUPER important to celebrate the impact you’re having on others, and be reminded every now and again, that you’re doing a great job and are on the right path. It’s also VERY powerful to see your world through others’ eyes.

How do I create a Bounty Box?

Simply find a gorgeous box that makes you feel good when you look at it. Your local newsagent, $2 shop, or even op shop will no doubt have something you like.  Alternatively, find an ordinary old cardboard box and tart it up a bit with wrapping paper and ribbons or stickers.  Your Bounty Box should simply make you smile when you glance at it. 

If you’re going all ‘paperless office’ on me, you may want to keep a virtual Bounty Box in the form of a folder on your desktop. Name it something memorable and make sure you include it in your backups. Personally, I find that having a real box that I can rummage through, where I can keep pretty cards and letters and even little trinkets, makes me feel super good.  I do SOOOO much online that it’s nice to go old school on this one.

  • So when someone next pays you a compliment, don’t brush it off. Thank them then write it down afterwards, date it, and pop it in your very own Bounty Box.  
  • When a client emails or messages you a compliment, print it and pop it into the same box.  
  • When someone sends you a note or gift, enjoy it on your desk for a while then tuck it into the box.
  • And if someone writes something really nice on a feedback form after a workshop, include that too! It’s all good gear for your Bounty Box.

Why create a Bounty Box?

Apart from the obvious mood lifter this process provides, it’s also a fantastic treasure trove of wonderful words to dip into when it comes time to write about yourself or promote yourself in some way. Most of us struggle to write confidently about ourselves.  We mess around with the words and can’t easily share our good points and value. Use the wonderful language that’s in your Bounty Box to inspire you.  How others see us is often not how we see ourselves, but in reality it SHOULD be! And these are the people that actually matter, right? The ones we can help. So listen to them.

I encourage you to go create your Bounty Box today and fill it with all sorts of goodness.

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