Covid musings: December already?

Can you believe it’s December? What craziness is this that has warped the time paradigm this year? Seriously, I swear the clock has actually sped up. I don’t know about you but I’m equally excited and terrified that Santa will arrive in just 24 days and that 2020 is nearly over.

I had such BIG plans for this year. Two overseas writing retreats for my clients were booked and planned, a small Aussie workshop tour was ready to roll out, my next book was going to be published, and my decision to become a mother was never going to be questioned !!!!

But alas. The world had other ideas.

Covid musings

What I was dealt though, I’d never change, because there were some incredible learnings and musings about life, business, myself and my family.

  • I realised what I’m really good at and what I love to do, versus what I thought I was good at and only did because other people want me to do it.
  • I learnt where my tolerance and patience levels really are.
  • I discovered how I act in times of crisis.
  • I remembered to always trust my gut feeling.
  • I became more conscious of what I need to truly relax and conversely what is required to fire me up.
  • I learned how easy it is to create bad habits.
  • I unfurled a new level of compassion for all sorts of people and situations.
  • …plus loads more.

All in all, a great year for self-reflection – the good, the bad and the ugly.

And now it’s on to planning 2021, which hopefully will be a little smoother on the sailing front. My next book WILL be published, my new digital course WILL launch and there will DEFINITELY be a writing retreat. I’m curious though, will I try to revert to the 2019 version of me and my business or will there be a whole new evolution?

Where are you at with all of this?

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