Get your butt into gear. No more excuses.

You’ve heard this before, I know you have, but I was reminded of it again this morning when speaking with a client. (She’s amazing, but she needed a gentle kick in the tush.)




Don’t go watching another video, attending another random webinar, or reading another book. You don’t need to right now. NOT that those mediums aren’t useful ways of disseminating content, but they are also AWESOME TIME WASTERS when you are in the throws of generating your own content.

When are you ready to upskill or research a new way of doing things, or you’re trying to find the perfect coach or collaborative partner, then sure, go ahead and dive deeply into all the content you can in as many formats as you can. Consume as much info as possible and spend time assessing the right options.

BUT when you are on the cusp of launching your program, or publishing your book, or sending out your first newsletter, don’t go and attend a webinar or read a book or watch a video to find out new and interesting ways to do it! You KNOW how to do it already. You are ready to do it, otherwise you wouldn’t have come this far, you wouldn’t have bothered creating a business around your expertise. But you have, and you know enough, so it’s time to go and tell other people that you know enough too.

Using ‘research’ or ‘resetting’ as a reason to NOT do your thing is just an excuse. Plain and simple and you know it. Don’t you?

You already know how your mind ticks and what your best work habits are, so go write your schedule and rituals on the board and follow it – go get productive. No excuses.

You also already know all the content you want to deliver (if you don’t, you have no business being in that business as far as I’m concerned), so go write an outline, shoot a video on it and press publish.

Don’t put off the stuff that needs to get done because you’re afraid to actually release it. The fear of success is strong, I know that, but when you make your first sale you’ll be sorry you waited so long.

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