I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t believe in regret.

I’m also not sure that people actually change that much. And I certainly know that what’s said in the heat of the intoxicated-midnight-moment is almost definitely never going to come to light in the cold hard reality of January 1.

This scepticism may sound odd, given that essentially my chosen pathway is to support and coach people through change…given that whether I’m working with groups or individuals, I am constantly talking about change, the affects, the stories.

But here’s the thing. I’m not completely without hope that people can morph or rehabilitate or alter their pathway.  It’s just that THIS is what I believe in:

I believe in desire, intention and practice….and some reflection (as long as you don’t get morose or hang out here too long!)

When reflecting on 2016, I’m pleased to say it was a super positive year for me. There were of course ‘learning’ moments, and some instances I could have done without, but overall I was not unduly affected by the crazy moon or other ethereal goings on.

As a result of this years’ stuff and things, here’s where my desires are for 2017:

  • Feel more in control of the machinations of my business
  • Feel rested and calm and healthy
  • Be energetic and driven
  • Believe that there is time for everything
  • Deliver genuine focus to my family
  • Experience pleasure and love as much as possible

Here are some of my intentions for 2017:

  • Sleep more
  • Schedule date nights and stick to them!
  • Eat well and exercise regularly
  • Increase time and effort into my most important relationships
  • Listen to music and dance more often
  • Spend quality time with each of my children – be really present for them
  • Connect and laugh more with my girlfriends
  • Turn ‘busy’ into productive
  • Let go of the stuff I’m not great at

Pretty simple, yes? (*smirk*)  Well, I know I’m going to have to focus clearly each week to stick to this list, but I’m also going to need to create some new practices:

  • I will exercise 4 times per week
  • I will be conscious of what I eat but will not deny myself some pleasures
  • When I sit with my kids, I will be ‘really’ with them. No phone, no thoughts elsewhere.
  • I will get smart about my business and who I engage to support me – and I will TRUST them to do their jobs
  • I will say YES when asked if I need help
  • I will stick to my schedule without fail – know that the plan is there for a reason
  • I will seduce my husband and be ‘that’ girl as much as possible
  • I will turn up the tunes and dance like noone’s watching at least once per week

So, that’s my list. It’s a pretty good start but perhaps not perfect. What are your desires and intentions for next year? Share them with the community here.

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