Magic happens when you keep believing

Sorry it’s been some time between messages but I’ve been kinda busy getting ready for a rather large trip. Today, however, I felt it necessary to share a story about magic.

You see, a year ago today I sat my husband down, gave him a glass of champagne and then wheeled in some brand new suitcases. On one of the suitcases was a message from Mickey Mouse. It was inviting him to celebrate his 40th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. And now, 365 days later, I am writing to you from a hotel in Anaheim, and Disneyland is a mere 7 minute walk away.

It’s kind of surreal that it’s all actually happened. We’ve had the busiest of years with my business and my book, with the kids, with my dad’s illness, and with Simon’s work, but we stuck to our guns, made a plan and made it happen.

You see, I’ve been here twice before – once as a child and once to DisneyWorld in Florida when I was in my twenties.  I loved both experiences so much and just think noone should miss out on seeing Mickey Mouse in the flesh at least once in their life. My husband was the only child of a single parent and therefore his dream to visit Disneyland remained just that – a dream.  As the years rolled by, he had the opportunity to visit in his twenties and then more recently on a work trip, but the timing and company just weren’t right. And so the dream faded.

Sometimes dreams are like that.

They are vivid when first dreamt, and we are desperate about seeing them come to fruition, but then as time drifts by and circumstances change, we let them peter out. Until sometimes, we forget we even had that dream.

But I was desperate to make my sweetheart’s childhood dream come alive. Besides the fact that we desperately needed a holiday, I needed him to feel child-like again, to renew his dream, to live it and fully realise it. He works in a ridiculously stressful job where he has to be anything but child-like, and so this was an important part of the present for me.

And so whilst day 1 didn’t go exactly as planned – you know, the picture I had in my head of the kids full of awe and wided-eyed gratitude for the best day of their life rather than the constant “I want this..”, “I’m tired…” and “I’m too scared to go on that…” scenarios that we had to deal with, I still say it was one of the best days of my life. To see him there excited, to be there as a parent this time, was completely cool and awesome.

And that’s just like dreams and plans of all kinds. They usually don’t go exactly as they were laid out in your head. Your workshops, retreats, programs, consults, never usually go exactly as planned, but that’s not to say they go worse….

Just after a big ‘running away’ incident, and just after an almost full-scale meltdown session (ok, the kids were jet lagged, incredibly hot and are still young, so maybe I should have been more forgiving), and just when I was about to scream silently inside because MY perfect first day was not panning out as planned, my daughter literally got dragged off the street by Mickey Mouse, cuddled within an inch of her life and then escorted atop the double decker bus to ride with him and Minnie down Main St! A completely unplanned, best-surprise-ever kind of incident. To be that close and cozy for that long with the star is rare. One that kids only dream of. Or at least this big kid does….

And so my friends I urge you…

Dream big.
Dream often.
And believe that dreams can come true….

Magic happens.

Big Disney love to you.

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