Don’t let ‘safety’ inhibit you: do something that makes you come alive

Sometimes old clients reach out to me because they feel like they want – or need – a change of business direction. It’s common, especially after a good few years in business working alone, to feel the call for change. It’s even more common after something crazy happens in your world to divert your attention or make you look inward. Ahem, global pandemic and lockdown anyone??
The change may not always require a completely new product or service offering however. It may be a collaboration or partnership of some sort. It may require an expansion of the team. It may be you need a new location or surrounds to operate from. But other times, it’s a deep desire to do something new.

Doing something new can be scary though. So why do we ‘go there’? In fact, most people are actually terrified to do something truly new! The brave ones who have the desire still tend to crave validation of their ideas before they make a decision. Bouncing them off a trusted, impartial third party is a great place to start. I often play this role. “Jo, what else do you think I could offer my existing audience?” Or “What does the world need that I could create?” Or, “I have this new idea for a X – do you think it will fly?”

Obviously it’s important to consider your (potential) clients’ needs if your desire is to grow incremental business from within that client base. Obviously it’s a good idea to know that there is an audience for your work/invention, especially if you need to make an investment up front to create it. But don’t let the obvious be your only parameter or measuring stick.

I always come back to this: what makes you come alive? Does it excite you to create/deliver something new? Figure that out, then go do that.

Because the world needs more people who have truly come alive.

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