Why hire a book writing coach

As with anything you want to learn and then do well, you need expert advice and guidance. Hiring a book writing coach when you want to write a book is like hiring a physical trainer when you want to get fit. Yes, you can get fit on your own by eating well and going to the gym, but do you really know the right exercises for your body type and goals? Do you know the right foods to eat for your metabolism and training schedule? And will you keep turning up to the gym when it’s cold and wet and all you want to do is eat chocolate and drink wine on the couch?

Likewise, of course you can write a book without a writing coach…but will you consistently write for a few hours each week until your manuscript is complete? Will you be able to push through the writer’s blocks on your own? Are you able to make decisions about structure and tone and characterisation without some help? Do you know how to publish and market your book once it’s complete?

A book writing coach becomes your trusted companion, expert advisor, kick-arse accountability partner and shoulder to cry on throughout your book writing journey. They become your go-to person when things get tough and you want to give up. They become your loudest cheerleader when you hit your writing goals. They are the voice of reason when you doubt yourself, and they provide third party perspective when you get too close to your writing. A book writing coach truly becomes an invaluable part of the book writing process if you want to actually finish our manuscript and publish your book as effectively and successfully as possible.

When should you hire a book writing coach?

I would always suggest that the best time to hire a book writing coach is right at the beginning of your book writing journey. Why? Because you’ll save yourself heartache and many, many hours. So when you’ve decided it’s finally time to write your book, and you have an idea of what you want to write about, but you’re unsure how to develop the concept, that’s the time to engage a book writing coach.

However, if you’ve already started a manuscript but have stalled, it’s not too late to bring in the expert to help you get back on track.  Staring at a blank screen or page, or editing the same paragraph over and over again is frustrating and soul-destroying.  Don’t sit there any longer without reaching out for help.

What a book writing coach helps you with

Writing, and then publishing, a book is actually a complex matter. There is more to it than writing a great story and sending it off to some magic place that sends it back looking like a book! There are many steps in the process and many decisions to be made. A book writing coach helps you navigate the process more easily and helps you make smart decisions that will get you to your end goals as expediently as possible.


Your book writing coach will help you:

  • Gain clarity around your writing and publishing goals. This includes being super clear on what effect you want your words to have on people, who you’re writing your book for, and how this book will help you professionally and personally.
  • Develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.
  • Create a weekly action plan for your writing
  • Organise and structure your ideas
  • Learn from mishaps or mistakes and then turn them into opportunities
  • Become your accountability partner to support your goals
  • Overcome any roadblocks you’re having in meeting your goals
  • Assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan
  • Improve and polish your writing
  • Provide editorial assistance
  • Develop a powerful and effective marketing and promotion plan for your book.

In addition, your writing coach should have the tools and insight to help you:

  • Get past any mindset issues you have around ‘not being a good writer’ or ‘not being worthy of being an author’
  • Overcome creativity or ‘writer’s block’
  • Prioritise your writing time
  • Make the book writing process easier, more fun and more effective

If you’re ready to write a book, then don’t delay. Find yourself a book writing coach – like me – and get started on the journey of a lifetime! The investment in the partnership will pay enormous dividends.

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