Change is what you make it mean

“Jo – no heels?”

My friend Rachel recently asked me why I don’t wear heels much anymore.

Since moving to Somerville 6 months ago things have changed.  It’s not that I don’t love how heels make my legs look or admire the craftsmanship of a really beautiful high-heeled shoe, but I just don’t have the hankering to wear them much anymore.  It’s quite possible that I also don’t have as many occasions to don them as much as previously (although I guess I could wear them any ole day). OR perhaps it’s that when I put heels on I tend to adopt a kind of focused, powerhouse, get-shit-done kind of attitude…the attitude that accompanied me for a couple of decades in corporate land and in the early years of hardcore networking for my business.

But 6 months ago we made a change. And with it, a more relaxed state has washed over me.  Boots are now more commonly adorning my feet.

Run towards change

We decided to make the move we had wanted to make for many years – to a bigger home on much bigger land. We wanted nooks and crannies for the kids to explore, chickens for fresh eggs, fruit trees and a big veggie garden for organic produce and more than ever we wanted to create the home that teenagers and young adults will want to bring their friends to so that we can really get to know them (and know where they are!).  We loved our old place in Mt Martha. It was where we raised our babes, it was Simon and my first home together and it was not far from the beach. We put blood, sweat and tears into that place, renovating inside and out, established a beautiful garden, built my Content Coach Studio and buried 2 beautiful animals there.  Realistically it had everything we needed. In fact, life would have been cheaper and easier to stay(!) … but the pull was too strong to make the change to our little farmlet.

And nothing is surer than our little family seeks and embraces change.

We obviously had no idea the pandemic would occur nor that the world would shift so much, but we feel blessed that we made the move when we did.  There were (and still are!) lots of DIY projects to keep us from being idle. The kids have masses of space to roam exercise in whilst under restrictions and there have been so many things to uncover and explore during homeschooling. We have not felt hemmed in or bored or restricted one iota.

Mount Martha will still have our heart. Indeed the kids miss their neighbourhood and their first school and I miss the local community. But you don’t abandon one thing when you choose another. You just expand and allow more into your life experience.

Six months in and here are a few reflections:

  • Trust your instinct. It will always pay off. There is a thing called the Law of Diminishing Intent. Coined by  Jim Rohn, it says: “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”  Put simply, later is never.  What’s something you’ve been wanting to do? Can you do it now?  Today is always the day you can start over, do something new, make a change.
  • Change is only as big a deal as you make it. So many people are scared to make changes. Big or small, they are nervous about upsetting the status quo – for themselves and for others. But the truth is, what meaning you attach to change is entirely up to you. There is no universal law that says ‘if you move house or change relationship or start a business that it’s going to be awful and scary and upsetting!’ As with all parts of your day/week/life, you are in control of the emotions and reactions you experience in particular situations. “Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone.” (Ella Wheeler Wilcox).
  • Everything is connected. When you make a shift in one area, many other areas of your life are affected. For example, a change in relationship will affect your weekly routine and how you feel about yourself. A change in exercise habits will affect your mood and your sleeping habits. A change in your business offerings will affect your day to day activities and how you think about money and success.  What you spend your time doing – and who with – matters. A small discipline – such as exploring a creative outlet or learning a new skill –  will have a big impact on your energy. Don’t let even the smallest change fool you into thinking that it’s just that. Because everything matters and everything is connected.  Not wearing heels much anymore has done wonders for my dicky knee!

My hope is that my reflections also prompt you to reflect as we move into the second half of this weird ole year:

  • Is what I am doing really what I want to be doing?
  • Is who I hang out with really who I want to surround myself with?
  • Is how I show up in my business really a true representation of me?
  • Is what I’m telling the world a really great example of my greatness?
  • Is all of this ok with me?

You have a lot to give. You have a lot of untapped power. You have the ability to move and change and do whatever you please.

You can wear boots or high heels – your choice.

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