How a book can grow your business

Have you ever wondered how a book can grow your business? Is it really worth the time, money and effort? Will you get a return on your investment?

Writing a book is the dream of many – business owner or not – but historically it’s only been the reality for a few.  That is now changing with the advent of self-publishing, making authorship a more realistic goal.  Thousands of first time authors’s books are hitting the shelves as the benefits of writing a book for entrepreneurs are becoming clear.

So, have you ever been down to your local bookstore and pushed aside a few books on the shelf, making space for your own, imagining it there under the ‘new releases’ sign, or the ‘we recommend’ label…?

Or have you been on holidays and found an idyllic beach or mountain or cabin and said “this is the place I will write my book…one day…” ?

Well why not make that day TODAY?

Not one author I know has regretted writing their book.  And in fact, in a little survey I did a while back, upwards of 75% of business owners who wrote a book reported that it had a ‘very strong’ influence on their ability to attract new customers.  And over 84% said it had a ‘very strong’ influence on their ability to attract other business growth activities such as speaking gigs, interviews, partnerships.

So, let’s find out how a book can grow your business.

Writing a book raises your profile

Standing out from the crowd – particularly in the online space – is a challenge for all modern business owners. There are super competitive industries such as coaching, allied health practitioners, marketing and business consulting and wellness professionals where it’s hard to find something different to say and therefore hard to be heard above the noise of competitors.

However, being the author of a book that speaks clearly to the needs of your target audience, gives you a reason to stand out. It shines a spotlight on you whilst your competitors all play in the dark. Your book allows you to command attention and respect.

A published book demonstrates deep knowledge on a particular topic, and also shows tenacity and conscientiousness (because it’s no mean feat to get a book written!).  It will raise your profile and visibility both online and off, and showcase you as a person to take notice of.

When you list your book for sale, whether it’s on your own website, on social media or on Amazon,  you automatically increase the chance that people in your target audience will notice your online footprint instead of your competitor’s. This can even improve your SEO as various sites and publications link back to your company’s website.

Writing a book increases your credibility

Once upon a time, publishing a book was super difficult – it was only the domain of academics or truly gifted writers or celebrities (with ghost writers). Now, with the advent of self-publishing, it’s definitely easier, but it’s still not something that ‘everybody does’ by any means.  It takes time, energy, serious subject matter expertise, determination, self-belief, storytelling nous and money. Don’t underestimate the pull power of being a published author – potential clients will be impressed when they see your name on a book cover.

A well-written book, that demonstrates knowledge and experience, about a topic that’s relevant to your target audience will quickly build the know-like-trust factor.  Searchability is key for businesses now.  If a potential client Googles you and sees your book on Amazon, they’ll know you are an authority in your industry; they are far more likely to contact you than your competitors who don’t have a book.

Writing a book gets you free exposure

Growing a business is a constant struggle of marketing and getting people to notice you.  In the early days of business building it can seem that this is ALL you spend your time doing.  Writing a book greatly reduces that struggle. Newspapers, industry publications, local bookstores, radio and even TV stations are always looking for content and book reviews and author interviews make great reading!

Instead of trying to cajole influencers to talk about you, your book can convince them to approach you – or at least help you open the door when you approach them.

Writing a book allows you to raise your prices

The final way that writing a book can help you grow your business is that it gives business owners the confidence and circumstances to charge more for their services.  Why? Because of the simple law of supply and demand. Typically, the higher the demand, the lower the supply …and therefore the more you can charge for whatever you’re selling.  And when you’re an author of an authoritative book, who has gained visibility and credibility, you are likely to be in higher demand than ever before. And when ideal clients are banging down the door, you can raise your prices.  You might even decide to change your services to include a high-end consulting offer, or a speaker’s fee, as a way of capitalising on your notoriety as an author.

So, the question remains, when should you get started on your book?

Now! Don’t leave it another minute.  If you had the money to pay a PR person to raise your profile, boost your credibility and bring in a full load of new clients you’d get started today, right? Well, writing a book can have the exact same effect as great PR. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a writer; you have plenty of specialised knowledge (otherwise you wouldn’t be running a business in your space) and a book writing coach can help shape that knowledge into something worth reading.

As soon as your book is published, it can start working for you. Credibility. Visibility. Opportunity.

Success is only a few thousand words away.

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    1. Jo Johnson

      You’re SO welcome Jason. It’s an absolute pleasure to help you articulate your ideas and watch you grow in confidence around your message and your value.


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