Focus: answer this one question

I was talking with a client during a session yesterday about how it feels kind of like that period between Christmas and New Year when you have no idea what day it is and no inclination to find out! I honestly feel like I’m in a bit of a time warp, weirdo bubble space which is kind of nice but kind of not. I feel full of contradictions.  I’m in this place where I’m still working, but not as much as I’d like… but then I remember that it’s officially school holidays now which is when I reduce my work hours anyway… but that’s usually because I want to spend much needed time with the kids and get out and about and catch up with friends we haven’t seen all term, which we obviously can’t do now, and I’ve already spent 2 weeks at home with the kids so, well…..y’know….and then I’m relishing the time to renovate the house and garden, so I’m actually really busy and not at all bored… but then we all wish we could go somewhere else and see other people and do different things…. it’s just so darn WEIRD!

How about you??

Trade weird for focus

Putting all that weirdness aside for a moment, I have a little bit of homework for you. Something that I think will really help keep you focused.

Grab a pen and a pretty notebook and find somewhere quiet (for maybe 5 mins if you can), and then answer this ONE question:

“Do you think, now more than ever, your ideal clients NEED what you’re offering?”

Because I am pretty sure they do.

When you’ve acknowledged the resounding YES, take a moment to consider this:

“How can I step up and continue to serve this need during these odd times, without feeling icky about selling?” (because you have a right to sell when you’re in business, right? That’s what makes you a business not a charity…)

The trick to keeping your business alive during changeable times is to get SUPER clear about how your services and skills are needed RIGHT NOW.

That’s it.

Pretty simple. But getting clear on this will make all the difference to how you approach your business (and stay sane!) during the next few months.

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