Feeling those New Year/New You vibes?

The irony is not lost on me that I’m currently drinking detox tea whilst eating a chocolate (admittedly, it’s homemade and has a high content of cacao, but still…). But sometimes that’s life and it’s also business, right? Sometimes things are just topsy turvey or not quite as expected or a real clash of ideas and effort.  But guess what? It doesn’t matter one little bit. I’ve stopped worrying about this stuff now. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect in my life, my parenting, my business. Because God knows it was killing me trying.

I do however, always strive to be my best at what I attempt and to give my all to whatever I’m doing, but sometimes life deals you broken arms (my son’s second in 4 months), absent partners (my husband is overseas for his second 3-month stint in 7 months), accident-prone pets (my cat had his second trip to the vet in 2 weeks – first a broken toe, now a laceration to his belly), or cloudy brains (I just can’t quite get mine into full-on work mode when it’s so warm). And that’s ok.  As long as you roll with it, don’t act like a victim, and learn to alter your course a little to adapt. (I did a short video about this yesterday, with some ideas on how to adapt)

Why am I telling you this?

Not that you need my permission – goodness knows, noone died and put me in charge! – but because you’ve said it’s ok to have a conersation with you I want to gently remind you to allow yourself some space when you’re not ‘feeling it’, and to be kind to yourself if stuff goes awry.  Because it often will.  Life aint perfect. And also because what I’m seeing a lot of at the moment is the typical ‘New Year New You’ hustle and fuss, and the “you need to get your shit sorted now lady or it will be too late” kind of commentary, and I don’t want you to get worried that you aren’t quite perfect enough….or your business isn’t running smoothly enough….or that noone else seems to have topsy turvey days.

I can tell you for sure that noone has every duck in a row. Ever.
Noone has everything running smoothly ALL the time.
Noone ‘feels it’ every day.

I promise you, you’re in good company!

And whilst it’s small comfort to know that you’re not alone in your craziness or chaos, it should be big comfort to know that you CAN do something about how you feel about it. You should also be comforted to know that you will get out of this state and eventually move into a place of calm and flow. Because you will. And because you’re great at what you do. And because you know where to go for support. And because we all eventually do. That is, until the next broken arm…..

So, if you’re not feeling the perfect sense of organisation and and rush of positivity and exhuberant energy that you think you ought to be a thtis time of year, don’t sweat it.  Me neither.  Just learn to look at the feeling differently, don’t get down on yourself, and maybe go to the beach for a swim.

Or drink detox tea whilst eating chocolate.

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