Don’t undervalue DOING

Planning is necessary, thinking is paramount, but doing these without action is useless.

There’s always a client you could follow up.
There’s that new ad you could write.
Oh, and there’s that survey waiting to be sent.
There’s a product you could trial.
There’s a webinar you could watch.
Oh, and there’s that training you could do.
There’s those new contacts you should follow up.
There’s that copy you could test.
Oh, and that super important observation you might take action on.

Each of these presents an opportunity to learn something that could change everything.
But you have to get started to see that change.

All the plotting and planning in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t take action.

Don’t wait for the moment to be right.
Don’t wait for the mood to be perfect.
Don’t wait for the stars or moons to align.

An imperfect first step has more chance of success, growth and creating propulsion than standing still.

Pick one thing and start today.

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