Content Planning – a party or a pain?

Tis the season for planning!

Every online coach/ marketer/ consultant/strategist worth their salt is hosting a planning event of some kind. Have you noticed that??? Hard not to, right! If you hang in the same circles as me, then right about now your inbox is being hit hard with programs and online parties and webinars or planathons.

It makes sense, given we’re about ready to roll into a new year, (and new decade, btw!), but just how much planning is too much, and what actually is effective?

I think planning, in and of itself, is absolutely necessary in business, otherwise you’re a bit like a ship without a rudder, or a gal in a department store with an empty credit card and only 20 minutes until closing time (hello shiny things!!) But I feel like ‘planning’ can also be a mask for something more sinister….like trying to overcome the sick, quiet feeling that you didn’t quite do enough this year, or that you didn’t quite get the success you’d hoped for because you ‘should have planned better’.  It’s the feelings of lack, of being an imposter, that often rise at this time of year and so we jump into ‘planning’ mode to try and make it all better.

The problem with that, is that it’s false hope to suggest that you’ll walk away with a suitable plan at the end of a group webinar that will finally make you the best version of you. Why? Because A) the plan will be generic, not tailored to your audience or style of working and B) this elusive ‘plan’, or rather the lack of it, is not actually why you are struggling in your business.

I just don’t buy it.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with planning – it’s important to set goals with daily actions to achieve them – but plans are not the holy grail of business.

Here’s why. If you want these plans to work they need to be specific for your situation and they need a solid foundation underneath. Plans don’t work in vacuum.

An income plan won’t work if you haven’t created solid, well thought out offers and packages.

A productivity plan won’t work if you haven’t analysed your habits, routines and priorities.

An exercise plan won’t work if you haven’t reassessed your diet and sleep patterns.

And a content marketing plan won’t work if you haven’t clarified your message, your content pillars and your content roadmap.

This is why instead of doing a planning workshop, I am offering a 1:1 Back to Basics session.
I want you to have a solid foundation to build your content empire on so that you can do more of what you love in your business. And that’s what we will work together on during our session. Simple.

If you are ready to ditch the superficial planning and get into some serious brick laying for your marketing then join me. I’ve just opened up some extra sessions for December. Contact me to find out how and when we can get started.

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