Batching is bitchin’

Have you ever wondered how to get more done in less time? I certainly did….and still do, often (but that’s because I’m determined to only ever work a 3 day week!)

Well I’ll tell you how all the super prolific content stars do it. It’s called BATCHING. And it’s absolutely BITCHIN’ when done well (that’s surfer dude speak for awesome, cool, amazing).

So what is BATCHING?

Well, you know when you have 5 programs open, your social media notifications on, and then you go to write a blog…and you finally finish the writing but need to find an accompanying image….and then you find an image but have to go into Canva to fiddle around with it… and then you have to go back to WordPress to insert it and tag it, then publish your blog…..and then you have to go to your email program and get the email written….and then you have to go back to WordPress to get the link for the newly written blog… and then go back to your email program to insert it…and then you press send….and then you go to Facebook to schedule the blog post to go out…..Exhausting and distracting right???

Every time you have to switch between tasks you lose time AND you lose focus.

This is where BATCHING comes in. Content Batching: the process by which you create multiples of the one type of content before moving on to the next.

It works really well for writing blogs and emails, finding and branding images, creating videos, and developing social posts. It also works well for things like invoicing but I like to leave that to the bookkeeper. 😉

And the best way to get BATCHING done is to set aside some serious time, with no other distractions, to do it.

I was on a webinar today where the host said she books herself into an Air BnB rental once per quarter to BATCH create her content. She literally spends 2 or 3 days just creating 6 months worth of videos, and then another 2 or 3 days just writing months worth of her weekly blogs. And she gets SO MUCH DONE.

The thing is, she still has to cook for herself, be incredibly self-disciplined and pour her own wine…..

Which is why I created the Writer’s Retreats.
Because I know it’s not easy to stay on task for an extended period of time on your own, unless you’re one of the 1% who is naturally laser focused. I know you won’t bother to cook a healthy meal just for one, that will sustain your energy throughout the weekend. I know you’ll get sore shoulders from writing and typing and will use it as an excuse to stop. I know you feel nervous in a strange house on your own and prefer some quiet company whilst creating. I know you’ll set the intention to get heaps of blogs written and then you’ll get distracted after being stuck halfway through number 3, by emails and Instagram and programs you could buy, and there won’t be anyone there to bring you back on task. I know you like feedback on your stuff, just to be sure you’re on track.

This is EXACTLY what the Writer’s Retreat delivers. The opportunity to BATCH your content creation in an environment that is supportive but accountable, quiet but fun, pampering but focused, healthy but full of treats….oh, and I will pour your wine for you. How good is that?

You will get SO MUCH DONE. I will make sure of that. The power of content batching is real.

Batching is bitchin’.

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