Business storytelling at its finest.

IKEA – we either love it or we hate it.

Regardless of your opinion on the ease or otherwise of their flatpack furniture instructions, what I know is that they know their business, their market, and their value inside and out. And they are FANTASTIC business storytellers.

In this 2 minute video the Start Something New commercial tells a complete and compelling story that demonstrates that IKEA:

  1. understands the views of their customers. They know the answer to the questions, “why would I shop at IKEA?”
  2. makes the customer the hero. He comes first, always. The products play a supporting role.
  3. knows that the ‘outcome’ for the customer is crucial NOT the features of the product.  It’s all about what you could become.
  4. gets that how the customer feels when they use their products is central to their business. His belief about his own possibilities changes.
  5. knows how to tap into emotion. There are no product names, branding or anything in site.
  6. helps us to see ourselves in the hero’s story. We are all on a quest to find the best version of ourselves.
  7. knows that the feel-good factor of this story is perfectly aligned with its overall business philosophy. All touchpoints of the business deliver on this.
  8. asks the audience to buy into this story and discover our own along the way.

These are the words published by IKEA with the video:

IKEA invites you to start something new. Because THIS is the moment, let’s get going. Change something, do something different, big or smalls things. What’s important is to start. Get some inspirantion and DO it.

It’s perfect. Perfect for their business and perfect for their customers. And perfectly aligned with my business vision too – particularly given my week ahead.

Are you going to do something different this week? Are you going to get started?


If you need a gentle nudge, want some inspiration, require a handhold to get you going, then maybe you’re lucky number 5 at my retreat. Call me or message me if THIS is YOUR moment.


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