Author events: open up the conversation

I was thrilled to be part of the inaugural Sorrento Writer’s Group Author Event on Saturday. The event provided the chance for local authors to exhibit their wares and to connect with each other and their community, as well as for the Sorrento Writer’s group to let people in on what they’re about.

The opportunity to exhibit came to me at the 11th hour; I’m not a part of the Sorrento Writer’s Group nor do I reside on the pointy end of the Peninsula where most of the publicity was being focused.  Happily though, it was by helping one of the members of my Facebook group (The Content Couch) with her table set up for the event that I became aware that this could also be a useful place for me to be.

Whilst  I was pretty confident that I would be different to most of the other exhibitors, I wanted to attend the author event anyway. Why? Because any excuse to talk with people about my book and my business is a good opportunity as far as I’m concerned.  It’s called ‘being in the traffic’.

And so it was that the night before the event I packed my car with all the paraphernalia required – books, banners, table cloths, bookmarks, pencils, glitter, signature musk sticks – and sorted out someone to mind the kids.  Thankfully I’ve exhibited at a number of events before so I had the look and prep down to a fine art, but it’s still plenty of work!

The event was great fun and very rewarding, even though, as suspected, I was different to all the other exhibitors. How? Firstly because my book was the only non-fiction on display and secondly, because the target audience for my book was not the primary audience of the event.

So why did I exhibit at an author event where I obviously didn’t fit the mould? Because I like to have unexpected conversations, to stand out and to have a point of difference in my marketing.

And that’s exactly what I help my clients do too.

If you are interested in uplevelling your business marketing, or turning your amazing ideas and value into a book that is highly marketable, then let me know.
I work with clients to ensure they’re:

  • speaking in their own voice both online and offline (congruency is key)
  • creating cost effective marketing material that hits the mark (no more copycat marketing that wastes resources)
  • consistently producing content that adds value to their ideal audience (no more writer’s block!)

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