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thought leadership The Frankston Foundryimage courtesy of The Frankston Foundry

Thought Leadership vs Content Marketing – where do you stand?

These days the terms ‘thought leadership’ and ‘content’ are used almost interchangeably. But there IS a difference. True thought leadership takes a long term view of topics/issues. It’s about building authority, credibility and reputation over time across multiple channels.

In this workshop:
  • We’ll look at what content helps you be seen as a thought leader.
  • We’ll create your thought leadership model
  • We’ll uncover the stories you need to tell to illustrate your thought leadership.
It is from this model and these stories that you can create infinite pieces of content.
True thought leadership enables you to be seen as not only a subject matter expert, but rather a trusted adviser who offers helpful, responsive, generous and useful advice. Over time, this type of content will establish you as a true thought leader. If you are the subject matter expert, you will participate in online and offline conversations, and steadily build your credibility through affinity, authenticity and trust. This adds value to your personal brand and ultimately the brand of your business.

March 27 @ 10am-1pm

The Frankston Foundry

$147, includes morning tea