Why A Writer's Retreat?

You love to write. You like to write. You think you’d like to write. You used to love to write before you got too bound up and afraid and before people told you that you HAD to write for your business. You wrote a book when you were 10 but you haven’t written much since. Oh, except for the angst-ridden poetry when you were 15...and maybe a bazillion dry university esssays...
You know that if you had time free of distractions you would write that thing burning in you. You'd spill it onto the page in a really big hurry.  Or you'd finish that project that needs your full attention (website content anyone?). Or you'd write and schedule the 'hard' stuff that annoys you throughout your normal week (Facebook posts?).

Or, quite simply, powerfully, you could rediscover your voice.

And it would be pretty damn brilliant if someone was serving you delicious healthy soul-food and you didn't have to go near the kitchen for a few days, and there was a cracker-jack writing coach on call to hold your hand if you got stuck.

You know what else would be pretty damn awesome?

A supportive circle of women to laugh, and possibly cry, with too (ok, crying is optional, but it has happened at every retreat I've ever run or attended, and it does provide an amazing release, leaving you feeling fabulously creative afterwards, even if you are a little puffy and have redefined the term 'smoky eyes').

How about heart-fueling, creativity-expanding mini-writing seminars to befriend the inner critic and charge you up with sparkly inspiration and amazingly helpful take-home tools?

Why not add in some morning walks on the beach, daily writing circles, a vino or two with a view and other little nurturing surprises?
Sounds kinda perfect?  Well, I’ve got all that, and more, cooked up for you!

The Content Coach's
Writer's Retreat
Mt Eliza, Victoria
(In a ridiculously gorgeous house overlooking the water)
Arrive between 5-6pm, Friday 11th March
Finish 11am, Monday 14th March

And there are only 5 places available...(actually only 2 now, as of 23rd January 2016)

Meet 'Tim Tam', your respite, your haven, your inspiration in Mt Eliza

The breathtaking zone

We'll write, we'll eat, we'll drink, we'll laugh, we'll simply stand and take in the view. You should too.

The nourishment zone

It's beautifully appointed, but who cares? You won't need to. It will all be done for you.

The recovery zone

Imagine waking up here...feeling rested, fulfilled. Goodbye scatterbrained nervous you. Hello calm, creative, conscious content creator. 

The learning and sharing zone

Writing, connecting, brainstorming, sharing, laughing, scribbling, drawing.

Another recovery zone

Rest. Recuperate, Reinvigorate.

The quiet respite zone

A coastal wonderland to explore alone; earth yourself in nature's glory.

Who is this retreat for?

Entrepreneurs who are lacking inspiration with their writing.

This weekend-long write, laugh, learn, play and then write some more experience is made for you if you’ve just got to get some writing done and you need a mighty big dose of creativity, self-nurturing and mojo reclamation.

Business owners who need assurance and direction with their writing.

It could be you’ve never written much or you’ve been putting it off for years or maybe you journal all the time or maybe you’re writing your fiftieth book. This retreat fits all types of writers.

Women who need uninterrupted time and space to get stuff done.

If you want and need to write, this the retreat was created with you in mind.

Who You'll Be Hanging Out With

Me. Jo Johnson. The Content Coach.

A gal who has been writing since forever, who has earnt all the academic credentials there are to earn in the professional writing world, who has been in the content creation and marketing profession within the digital space for almost 20 years, and who has found her real mojo (or is that JoJo?!?) coaching entrepreneurs on how to grow their business through the art of storytelling. You can check me out further at and at fb/thecontentcoach  

What will you actually get out of this weekend?

- You’ll get writing done.
- You’ll have fun writing again.
- You’ll feel less alone in your challenges and triumphs. These are your people.
- You’ll get to plan. Something most of us put off because we're too busy doing.
- You'll get to rest. Recharge and gather your strength, ready to make 2016 incredible.
- You’ll get perspective on your writing projects and maybe even your own life story.
- You’ll get a rush of creative energy and inspiration.
- You’ll get a serious dose of creative courage.
- Oh, and you’ll get the pleasure of knowing that you won’t have to cook, clean, or take care of anybody else for a long weekend!

If you are afraid.....

I get it. I have often felt nervous committing to workshops or retreats that might make me feel a little uneasy. Whenever I think about plonking money and precious time down, I’m sure I’ll be the only one attending with a) no talent, b) no success stories c) too many questions and d) not enough spirituality or depth.
But you know what happens when I decide to go anyway, right? (Because I always do, due to the fact that the desire to have some time on my own away from two young - completely gorgeous - but demanding children always outweighs the freak-out I'm having about attending!).  I find people like me to talk to. I'm not the only one asking a gazillion questions. I actually uncover some real successes I forgot I had. I'm more spiritual and woo-woo than I thought! Sometimes I make a real lasting friend. And most of all, my level of talent doesn’t matter because I tap into that sweet experience of being in 'flow'. 

Ok, I'm ready.

If you are ready to rekindle your spark and experience creative breakthroughs, as well as just get some shit done in a beautiful place with 6 other beautiful women, then join me in Mt Eliza on 12th November.
Press the I WANT IN button and we'll talk (pressing the button doesn't actually commit you, so don't freak out!) We'll make sure you're really committed to the process and that you're going to honour this investment in yourself and your business. Remember, there are only 6 spots, so don't wait too long to see if this is right for you.