Thought Leadership Content Retreat Bali June 2019

– for business owners who are ready to be seen as a thought leader. 

This retreat will be a truly immersive experience. Not only will you rest and unwind, but you will get SO MUCH DONE! It’s about clearing space and time to focus on the next best thing for you and your business.  It’s about distilling all that knowledge into a solid body of content that you can point to  when asked to demonstrate your value and it’s about creating products that you can leverage to grow your business.  This thought leadership content retreat is going to propel you further in 5 days than you’ve been able to move alone in 5 months (or longer!)

It is for you if you are:

  • a clever, motivated business owner who is already seen as an expert but who is ready to become more visible and stake your claim as a thought leader in your niche
  • ready to step onto stages, into interviews and field requests for your opinion
  • ready to write your book, create your program or keynote speech
  • wanting to capture the essence of your value and expertise in a tangible product
  • keen to be surrounded by other thought leaders, successful practitioners, and motivated entrepreneurs, to mastermind and grow rapidly.

Dates: June 24-29, 2019.
Location: Vision Villas Resort, Gianyar, Bali.

What’s included in the thought leadership content retreat: 

  • 4.5 days of group and 1:1 training/mentoring/coaching to help you elevate from ‘Expert’ to ‘Leader’
  • Frameworks and models to help you visualise and leverage your business
  • Inspiration, knowledge and processes from leaders in the Learning & Development, Content, Marketing and Leadership fields – Melanie Midegs and Maria Doyle will be joining us for special workshops (read more about them below)
  • An achievable action plan you can implement easily once at home
  • Entertainment, adventure, cultural activities and probably some woo-woo spiritual delights
  • Airport transfers to Vision Villas
  • 5 nights accommodation (either twin or single) at the gorgeous Vision Villas – purpose built for entrepreneurs and global leaders
  • Incredible locally sourced, wholesome organic food from the on-site Genius Cafe, created by award-winning Aussie chef Cynthia Louise for each day of the workshops (3 meals per day)

If you want a life- and business-changing 5 days in a magical place, you’ll need to make a decision promptly as there are only a small number of places available. This is not a scarcity sales pitch either – I genuinely want to give everyone as much attention as possible so they move forward FAST…and there’s only one of me, so by necessity the group will be small.


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The pricing for the Leadership Retreat is as follows (+gst):

  Single Room Twin Share
SUPER EARLY BIRD (until Dec 31 2018) A$2497 A$2197 FINISHED
EARLY BIRD (until March 23 2019) A$2997 A$2697 FINISHED
REGULAR A$3327 A$3027


Who am I to host this thought leadership content retreat?

I’m Jo Johnson, The Content Coach. I’ve spent 25 years working in the digital communications and marketing arena, and I know a thing or two about business storytelling.  I’ve been running my own business for 8 years and slaved away for 18 years in corporates and SMEs.  This retreat is my opportunity to share with you all the incredible things I’ve learnt about running a business, content creation, digital marketing, storytelling, learning experiences, writing, community and thought leadership.

I’ve attended a number of retreats in my life, and facilitated/hosted more than half a dozen. So I know what works and what doesn’t. The ‘immersion therapy’ (as I like to call it) is a powerful one, but the role of a facilitator shouldn’t be taken lightly.  So I’ve designed this retreat experience exactly as I would love it to be as a guest.  There’s plenty of listening and new learnings, but also plenty of time for action taking and implementing. There is rest time and play time as well. And because I know the people that will end up there will be a lot like me, they’re definitely going to love it too!

Are you ready to step up and be seen as the truly transformational leader you are? Are you going to back yourself??


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Here’s an indicative itinerary of the amazing week on retreat.









Download the Bali Retreat itinerary



Guest Presenters

I’m thrilled to be able to offer all retreat guests a chance to listen to other thought leaders – real genuine experts in their space.  It makes me SO happy to be able to ‘share the stage’ with both Melanie Midegs and Maria Doyle.  They are both amazing at what they do and entirely fabulous people.  I have worked with both of them so actually know this for a fact!

Meet Melanie Midegs

Melanie Midegs is a trained Psychosomatic Therapist and Entrepreneur who is fascinated by the new era of Artificial Intelligence and how this will impact humanity. Melanie uses Chakra Philosophy to assist Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives to navigate periods of transition, teaching them how to stay connected and make better decisions for themselves. Her creativity will blow your mind, as she helps propel your vision into reality and stand out from the crowd in an ever changing world, where innovation and creativity are fast becoming your biggest assets.

Retreat Session: Face Reading & Thought Leadership
In this session I’ll explain what Face Reading is all about and how it fits into Thought Leadership, by understanding your zone of genius – particularly when it comes to communicating. We will briefly touch on Chakra Philosophy and what each feature of the face represents in terms of personality & behaviours.


Maria DoyleMeet Maria Doyle

Maria Doyle is a qualified teacher trainer and curriculum developer who has travelled to more than 30 countries, worked on 12 overseas postings, learnt 5 languages – and have plenty of crazy tales to tell! She coaches passionate professionals who want to create quality learning experiences and thus create real change in the lives of their clients. She’s super good at turning content that’s stuck in your head or on your hard drive into systemised programs. 

Retreat session: Systemising your thought leadership content

Maria is going to show you how to download your ideas and knowledge into a systemised content plan. She’ll talk about scaffolded learning, robust learning tools, and leveraging your content to scale your business. You’re going to get so much out of this one!!!



Here’s what previous retreat participants have to say:

Sonia Orts, Chief Alchemist, Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy
“It’s curious, that whilst I am a woman who helps other women reignite their spark, what I got from Jo’s retreat is that I’ve completely reignited my own! I am so clear now on what I have to say and why.” 



Sarah Bruce, Owner, Drive Skills 4 Life

“I was struggling with finalising my program and creating a marketing plan for it. During the retreat I gained such clarity about every step I now need to take. Jo helped me to plan everything out so that it wasn’t so overwhelming and so that I’m not making silly decisions and wasting money on activities that won’t generate a return. I learnt so much from Jo and the other women on the retreat.  The time away was invaluable to me personally and professionally.”

Kerryn Powell, The Network Catalyst, Your Time Matters

“I started writing a book in 2016 but never had the time, space or direction to make it happen. As a result of the retreat I see now that I have a lot to give to other people that perhaps I hadn’t recognised before. I also now have a VERY clear plan on the way forward from here.  I have the confidence now to tell my story so that others can see the value in building their networks and sharing their stories too. Being away and purely focusing on something I needed and wanted to complete was an absolute joy! The retreat was absolutely what I needed to propel me forward.” 

Melanie Gard, Director and Principal, Peninsula School of Dance


“I’ve always really admired Jo’s work. I loved her book and so decided to spend time with her on retreat to get her help in improving my website content and blog.  I’ve finished creating SO much content whilst on retreat. The focused time has allowed me to create more content than I would in months in my office – no distractions, no kids to think about, no dinners to cook, no-one but me! Jo has also helped give me the confidence to generate content that I was nervous about putting out into the world, for fear of being judged as not competent enough and because I kept thinking “who am I to say this stuff and offer my advice?” I highly recommend Jo’s retreats. You’ll come away highly inspired and motivated and refreshed, ready to tackle the next part of your business journey.” 


Terms and Conditions

  • All retreat payments are in Australian dollars and attract 10% gst. You will be provided a full tax invoice, so go hand that to your accountant! This is work baby!
  • Payment plans are available; please enquire. Final payment must be made by June 1st, 2019 to secure your place.
  • Cancellation fees
    • A fee of A$450 will be charged for any booking cancelled within 61-90 days of the retreat
    • 50% of the full participant fee will be charged for any booking cancelled within 31-60 days  of the retreat
    • 100% of the full participant fee will be charged for any booking cancelled within 30 days of the retreat
    • Flights and insurance are the expense of the participant
  • It’s advisable to arrive the night before the retreat begins so that you are fresh and ready to start on day 1. Extra nights accommodation can be booked directly with Vision Villa Resort.



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