In-house Content Workshop Facilitation

Jo Johnson The Content CoachContent Marketing Workshops

If your business needs help to create, refine, plan or execute your content marketing strategy, OR you have no idea what a content marketing strategy is but know you need to get increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing,  then I can assist.  I provide a safe and open forum where all stakeholders have their say.


I currently run two types of content marketing workshops for small to medium businesses:

  1. Content-Market Me:

    Together we will assess existing content (having conducted a content audit prior to the session) and will produce Yes, No and Massage-Me piles. We will have fun generating new content ideas, building a content plan, and looking at measurement tools to ensure success.  All ideas are good ideas – some just need a little massaging!

  2. Traditional to Digital in a Day: 

    If you have a sales or marketing team who are great at what they do now but are unsure about taking the leap into the digital marketing world, then I can help make that transition as painless as possible. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is more powerful than the unknown itself and prohibits any advancement or growth from occurring.  I can help your team understand the digital jargon, build up some vocab of their own, and feel comfortable approaching customers with new offerings. I have heaps of tools in my kitbag to bring business owners as well as sales and marketing professionals, into the digital age, so they feel comfortable using new tools to promote their business.

    Contact me for a customised quote and plan based on your team size and specific required outcomes.

People have not stopped raving about the Communications and Content Marketing Workshop run by Jo. They were impressed by the background research she conducted prior to the workshop which ensured that the content was tailored exactly to their needs. Many of them have since gone on to tackle communication projects they had previous felt were too daunting or difficult. Your presentation style was both friendly and engaging and the amount of things we covered was just right. I would recommend Jo to anyone!

Jacqui Salter – Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network