My ideal client profile

Who you are

You have started your own business, and are determined to make it work. You’re in it for the long haul – this is not a hobby or stop-gap whilst your babes are young, and this is not a networking marketing business where you have no control over the brand and messaging.  Your service is excellent – you’re an awesome practitioner – and you are creative and focused. You have fabulous ideas and want to be recognised for your brilliance whilst adding value to others’ lives.  You need to share your message and value as far and wide as you can but also be compensated well for your work. You are ready to be seen as a thought leader…someone whose opinion is valued, who is sought for their ideas, who stands firm in their beliefs.

Ideally, your clients will arrive on your doorstep already in alignment with your philosophy so you don’t have to waste time with tyre-kickers or those who you can’t help.  You work with people from all around the world, and love the independence that technology and your business offers. You’re itching to be ahead of where you are now, tasting the spoils of your success, but you also know you have to lay a solid foundation for your business to truly grow into the best version it can be.

What your issues tend to be

You need to expand your client base – more clients = more opportunities to help = more money = more lifestyle choices.

A good chunk of your clientele is looking online for everything and, whilst you’re ‘there’, you aren’t really getting enough online visitors, therefore not enough enquiries and certainly not enough paying customers.

You’ve tried heaps of different marketing activities, but it all feels disconnected and hard. You get distracted by the shiny new kid on the block so your approach is sporadic at best.  You see others posting articles and sending e-mails and doing challenges and video series and, and, and…. and it is frustrating because you know you should be doing that! Instead, what you are sending out is getting little feedback, if you are sending anything at all. Your current marketing materials are not personal and don’t provide enough value, which is partially because you have trouble articulating your message clearly, and also because you’ve been scared to really put it out there. You are really only getting clients one at a time, mostly from referrals.  You want better results, faster.

What you want most right now

Better results, faster.

What you NEED most right now

  • You need to provide useful messages for your prospects in small chunks that can be easily communicated.
  • You need to cultivate a content creation habit so you can develop a foundation of content that will attract your ideal clients.
  • You need to build a list of contacts by capturing information from your current clients, website visitors, social media followers and other networking contacts.
  • Then, you need to communicate with them in ways that engage them in your business and make them want to work with you.
  • You need a website that does more than just tell people about what you do and how to call you. It has to offer them immediate value, capture their information, and then DO something with that information. You need to stop waiting for the phone to ring, and start building relationships with everyone you come into contact with, or who finds you online.

Your ability to market and grow your business depends on content creation.

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