I host writing events, workshops and retreats in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula, although I have also been known to pop on a plane when asked nicely. I also partner with amazing experts in other fields to share my content knowledge with their tribes. This has been done via webinars, Facebook Lives in groups, others’ writing events, conference presentations and also in-house workshops for marketing and sales teams. My message is always the same: figure out what your story is then use it effectively to communicate your value and connect with ideal clients.

Here’s a list of upcoming events:

Thought Leadership Content Retreat – Bali, June 24-29

This retreat will be a truly immersive experience. Not only will you rest and unwind, but you will get SO MUCH DONE! It’s about clearing space and time to focus on the next best thing for you and your business.  It’s about distilling all that knowledge into a solid body of content that you can point to  when asked to demonstrate your value and it’s about creating products that you can leverage to grow your business.  This thought leadership content retreat is going to propel you further in 5 days than you’ve been able to move alone in 5 months (or longer!)

It is for you if you are:

  • a clever, motivated business owner who is already seen as an expert but who is ready to become more visible and stake your claim as a thought leader in your niche
  • ready to step onto stages, into interviews and field requests for your opinion
  • ready to write your book, create your program or keynote speech
  • wanting to capture the essence of your value and expertise in a tangible product
  • keen to be surrounded by other thought leaders, successful practitioners, and motivated entrepreneurs, to mastermind and grow rapidly.

Chat with me NOW to find out if this retreat is right for you.

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Meetup Series – Sharing Your Story For Business Growth

The Frankston Foundry, 1st session July 18, $27

A six part Meetup series of learning, workshopping and networking all about sharing and leveraging your story for business growth. This series has been produced – and will be delivered with – Blaise van Hecke of Busybird Publishing.

The first session is called:  Fire Up Your Business: Why your story is your value

Here are the facts:
– You’re great at what you do but everyone now seems to be an ‘expert’.
– Interruption-based marketing (advertising) doesn’t cut it anymore.
– Attention spans are shrinking.
– Inboxes are full to the brim with junk.
– Social media is an enabler but it’s very ‘noisy’.
– Posting pictures of your cat won’t generate income!

Is it just too hard to be in business or are you just not good enough?

How do you attract the right attention and then keep it?

The key is your story.

The human brain is wired for story. We are curious about each other and connect through story. It is as they say, ‘Facts tell, stories sell’.

Join us in a series of workshops that will transform your business and change your life as they take you through the process of storytelling, giving you a clear idea of your message, then distilling that for your marketing on various platforms: blogs, articles, social media, website, ebooks, published book and speaking opportunities.



Ultimate Girls Week Away – Fiji, February 2020 ultimate girls week away

I’m absolutely thrilled to be one of 30 facilitators at this world first ultimate girls week away. I’m in ridiculously good company too – you should check out who else is speaking and facilitating! I’ll be running a workshop about the power of finding and using your writer’s voice and how you can use that in your journalling, for writing memoirs or for your business.

So what’s this week all about? As women, we often forget to prioritise ourselves in our own lives. There are so many daily demands on us from those that are self-imposed to a myriad of others from children, partners, friends, parents and bosses. When we take time out we feel guilty, often believing that everyone else should come first. BUT I am here to tell you that has to stop – and you know it!

So this week away offers you a  time to reflect, relax and reconnect to the woman you were born to be. Time to laugh – that long, deep laugh that you often can only do with other women. Delight in those moments that you will remember forever and hold close to your heart.

It’s seven nights, three hundred women, inspiring author Elizabeth Gilbert as guest speaker, and so many amazing workshops and sessions to join in on – all on our own private island! How ridiculously cool is that?

There are lots of accommodation packages to choose from, so grab some girlfriends and make it happen!