Create Growth in Your Business in 2 days

What can you create in 2 days? A whole LOT!
You have goals for growing your business and getting more clients and you know you need content to do it, but it never seems to get done. Well this is your chance...

You love to write. Or maybe you know you ought to write. For your business, to express yourself, so that more of YOU comes out onto the page and more of the right people want to work with you.
...there's never enough time, space, energy, inspiration, accountability. The right words don't seem to come.

Whether you like it or not, writing and creating content is part of growing a business these days. You know this, but for some reason it's not getting done.  Are you trying to squeeze content creation in between your everyday activities? Do you need a little guidance on the strategy and tools? Let's be honest - do you dread doing it? No wonder it's not happening! Stop trying to squeeze it in. Stop dreading it. Stop avoiding it.

Join me for two beautiful, productive, and inspiring days and see how it can transform your business.

Imagine what would happen if you dedicated a couple of days to creating some great stuff that will attract more people to your business, get the word out, and spread your message? What would it mean for your business? How great would that feel? Plus, you can do in a peaceful environment surrounded by others who are doing the same thing. We’ll get in the creative flow together and have fun! You’ll get instant feedback on your work. And you’ll learn some tools to get the most from your content on an ongoing basis.

The Enrepreneurial
Creativity Retreat
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Arrive at 5pm, Friday 13th October
Finish 10am, Monday 16th October

$2900 (inc.gst) for 3 nights luxury private accommodation, all meals and drinks, pampering, 1:1 coaching before, during and after the event.
10% discount if paid in full upfront. Payment plan available.

OR come for 12 hours of power on either Saturday or Sunday for only $997.
Includes amazing lunch and dinner and snacks.


Your retreat...will be a luxurious home on the Mornington Peninsula...with every comfort you crave, close to beautiful walking tracks and scenery.

How amazing would it be to have a dedicated weekend, free of distractions, plus a little helping hand, to...
- Finally turn that burning idea into a product that you could sell or use as an opt-in
- Finish that project that needs your full attention (website content anyone?)
- Write and schedule the social posts that distract you throughout your normal week
- Write blogs and stories to share with your database, reminding them of how valuable you are.

And it would be pretty fantastic if someone was serving you delicious healthy soul-food all weekend and there was a super-duper writing coach on call to hold your hand if you got stuck.

You know what else would be pretty awesome?

supportive circle of women to laugh, and possibly cry, with too (ok, crying is optional, but it has happened at every retreat I've ever run or attended, and it does provide an amazing release, leaving you feeling fabulously creative afterwards, even if you are a little puffy afterwards). Your next collaboration may just be sitting on the couch next to you.

How about heart-fueling, creativity-expanding, mini-writing seminars to befriend the inner critic and charge you up with sparkly inspiration and amazingly helpful take-home tools?

Why not add in some morning walks on the beach, daily writing circles, a vino or two and other little nurturing and creative surprises?
Sounds kinda perfect?  Well, I’ve got all that, and more, cooked up for you!

Who is this retreat for?

Entrepreneurs who are lacking inspiration and authenticity with their marketing.

This weekend-long write, laugh, learn, play and then write some more experience is made for you if you know you have to get some marketing done but you're unsure about where to start and how to make it sound right.  Modern business dictates that you are heard online as well as off - and the two need to be congruent. Having the confidence to tell your own stories, to be bold and bright, personal and vulenerable is not easy. But when you get it right, when you share more of you, I can guarantee your business will fundamentally shift. 

Business owners who need accountability and direction with their content creation.

If you've been in business for a while you know what you have to do. You've read the books, watched the webinars, done the program... but for some reason you're still not doing it.  Lack of time, energy, focus or reason to get those things done is usually the problem. Well this weekend will eradicate those excuses and set you on a path to productivity! Having an accountability buddy, a mentor, a coach, is the best way to put your learnings into action.

Women who need uninterrupted time and space to get the words out of their head and onto paper.

It could be you’ve never written much or maybe you journal all the time. It could be you have amazing ideas but don't know how to fashion them into something useful, or maybe you’re writing your 10th book. This retreat is perfect for all types of writers.  

Debbie Hatswell, CEO, Story Mama

"I needed some time away from my office to get creative. I wanted to get content planning underway for the next year and get 6 months worth of blog posts written. The retreat was fantastic - there were gifts, massages, amazing food and wine, exercises to get the brain going and so much support. I got what I needed to get done, done!" (Nov.2015 attendee)

Julie Pollit, Founder, Happily Unbalanced

"I was nervous before going, but it was just phenomenal. The stuff I learnt, the things I didn't know I needed to know that I now know is really cool! It's just been amazing for my business, for making connections and for me personally...the growth has been ridiculous." (March 2016 attendee)

Sonia Orts, Chief Alchemist, Sonia Orts Organic Skincare

"It's curious that whilst I am a woman who helps other women reignite their spark, what I got from Jo's retreat is that I've completely reignited my own! I am so clear now on what I have to say and why." (March 2016 attendee)

Who You'll Be Hanging Out With

Me. Jo Johnson. The Content Coach.

A gal who has been writing since forever, who has earnt all the academic credentials there are to earn in the professional writing world, who has been in the content creation and marketing profession within the digital space for almost 20 years, and who has found her real mojo (or is that JoJo?!?) coaching entrepreneurs on how to explode their business through storytelling. You can check me out further at and at fb/thecontentcoach  

What will you actually get out of this weekend?

- You’ll get writing done.
- You’ll have fun writing again.
- You’ll feel less alone in your challenges and triumphs. 
- You’ll get to plan
- You'll get to rest. Recharge and gather your strength, ready to finish the year with a bang!
- You’ll get perspective on your writing projects and your own life story.
- You’ll get a rush of creative energy and inspiration.
- You’ll get a serious dose of creative courage and confidence.
- Oh, and you’ll get your own room and all your cooking and cleaning done for you. You only have to worry about you!

If you are afraid.....

I get it. I too have felt nervous before committing to a workshop or retreat that might make me feel uneasy, or might prompt too much change. What if I'm the only one there with no talent, no success stories, too many questions or not enough experience?
Well guess what? None of that ever matters when I get there. NONE of it. And I always decide to go despite the fear (the desire to have some time on my own away from the kids outweighs the freak-out I'm having about attending!).  Not surprisingly, when I'm there I find people like me to talk to. I'm not the only one asking a gazillion questions. I uncover some real successes I forgot I had, and I am sought out by others for my experience and expertise in my niche. Sometimes I even make a beautiful new friend. 

Ok, I'm ready to be heard.

If you are ready to rekindle your writing spark, ready to be seen and heard through your marketing, and ready to get plenty of work done in a supportive and beautiful place, then join me on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in October.
Press the I WANT IN button and we'll talk (pressing the button doesn't actually commit you, so don't freak out!). We'll chat first and make sure you're really ready for this process and that you're going to honour the investment in yourself and your business. Remember, there are only 4 spots, so don't wait too long to see if this is right for you.