Stories Sell Book

Jo Johnson with her bookI spent a little time, wrote a little thing, and voila! It turned into a book. An honest to goodness real life book. Go figure.

I actually still can’t quite believe I’ve done it, but there’s a picture right here to prove it so it must have happened…oh and there’s 15 boxes of books in my studio that kinda let the secret out too!

The book, Stories Sell: use YOURS to explode your business, tells the tale of how I turn nervous nellies into sassy storytellers. It’s for business owners who are struggling with their marketing, unable to figure out how to stand out amongst the noise and clutter of the online world.

It provides readers the exact framework I use with my individual coaching clients to help them uncover then unleash the stories that matter to them, but importantly, will matter to their audience.  It shows you what to do with those stories once you have them, and how to craft them into useful marketing material. If you follow the steps you’ll find content creation far easier and more rewarding than ever before.  You’ll start to shine more brightly and the right people will begin to notice you, and when that happens….well….

If you’d like to know more, or you want a copy of the book, take a lookey-see here.